Hi. I am a 20 year old Hindu girl from India who would want to talk about the recent attacks on 16th December 2014 in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Firstly, “INNALILAHI WA INNA ILAYHI RAJIOON” to the little bundles of joy those are now deceased. May Allah (swt) take good care of them in Jannah.

16th December will now be considered a black day both in India and Pakistan for the rest of forever.

2 years back on this ill-fated day, the Nirbhaya/Damini rape case occurred in New Delhi and it was an act of shame by few men who wanted mere pleasure. The girl died few days later at a hospital as she succumbed to her fatal wounds cause by those men.

2 years later,

One wanted to become a Doctor, one maybe a Lawyer. But after 10:45AM all those dreams were killed and so were those 131 children.

Yesterday again was an act of revenge by the so called Tehreek-e-Taliban on innocent children in Peshawar which is situated in Pakistan. Approximately 141 people passed away and out of them were 132 children and few teachers including the Headmistress who gave her life trying to save those helpless kids.

WHY STUDENTS? WHY CHILDREN? What have innocent children done to you and your families? Did children come and shoot at you? Did they wish ill upon you? Chanting “Allahu Akbar” right before shooting children does NOT make you human. Forcing children to see their own teachers’ burn in front of them does NOT make you human. This isn’t revenge. This is an understatement.

They were innocent little souls who had no idea they would be killed within minutes at their own school. A place where a child goes to meet his friends, to study, to learn something new, to have fun and enjoy. A school is not a war-zone, but you terrorists have made it one. A set of 2 people come together in unity and give birth to the future generation. That future generation is expected to grow and make their parents proud. Sadly, that hasn’t happened in this Army Public School.

Animals have a reason to kill. It may be for food or to protect themselves. People killing children are beyond words can define. It’s true that humanity is lost the minute people start a protest that says killing children is wrong.

The attack by the Taliban was in retaliation for an ongoing Pakistan Army operation against them and its allies in the North Waziristan tribal area. The TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan) said many of their family members had been killed in the campaign, and said the attack on the school was in revenge for those deaths.

The time line of the attack goes as follows:

  1. 05:30 GMT – Attack beganwhen a group of seven attackers, reportedly in military uniforms, entered the school.
  2. 07:11 GMT – TTP claims The gunmen were reportedly under orders to shoot older students.
  3. 07:25 GMT – Evacuation of children and teachers begins with a rescue process underway. Nearby schools start closing down.
  4. 10:47 GMT – Reports sayas many as 10 loud explosions heard at the school. Reporters say the operation underway is reaching a climax.
  5. 12:35 GMT – Eleven more teachers rescued from the school.
  6. 13:14 GMT – Another injured child succumbs to his wounds at Leady Reading Hospital in Peshawar, raising the death toll to 131.
  7. 14:12 GMT – Last gunman killed. Operation over.

Source: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/asia/2014/12/fighters-attack-army-run-school-pakistan-20141216742794184.html

If anyone from Pakistan would be reading this, I, Shreya Roy would like to send my heartfelt condolences to you people and the parents of the deceased in Pakistan all the way from Hyderabad, India. The beautiful country that have been shamed by people such as these terrorists, I ask you, the general public, to raise your voice. Raise your voice against the Government and demand answers for the souls of those departed. Blood is red for a person who dies on this side of the border or on the other side. A child’s blood is the purest and that has been shed in the most disgusting and inhumane way possible. I only hope for peace in your country and that can be done by the public speaking up for justice.

Do ask your Government to tighten up security, to remove all these terrorists that hide like foxes all around your beautiful country. I would also like to add, Islam is a beautiful religion. I know this being a Hindu and your fellow neighbour. No one can judge Islam just because there are so many Muslim terror groups out there. Not all Muslims are bad and this should be known that by blaming the wrong people does not help at all. This could be me dying someday, it could be my future children, it could be anyone.


Go Goa Gone

This story is about a 19 year old girl, that’s me, who travels overnight by road all alone to the amazing land of beaches, Goa to meet someone she never met.

We had never dated but we liked each other almost for a period of 4 months and within that time, I had gathered the courage and guts to travel to his home town in India just to see him for a mere matter of 5 hours. The planning began as he’d come for his vacations to his home town and we had to meet. I admit it was one of the most impulsive & riskiest decisions I had taken in my entire 19 years of living but this idea was also made a month prior to my departure without telling my parents and most of my friends. The good friends knew and had a back-up plan in case my parents would call me and things were under control. I finally journeyed to the small state of Goa on 12th January overnight via bus along with many others from Hyderabad. The next day early morning, he would pick me up at the Panaji bus stop and drop me back by 6PM at the same place again. Yes. I left the same day back home. Crazy much?

Therefore I reached, called him up and asked him to come soon. Hardly 20 minutes later he finally came wearing a black leather jacket and a grey sleeveless top inside with skinny jeans. The nervousness inside me was piling up and reached my throat. I was going to meet someone whom I barely knew a month in HIS turf and I’d travelled half a day just to spend a few quality hours with him. Was I crazy? Not sure.

From quite a distance, he looked absolutely way cuter than the pictures.  He was walking closer and I’d started smiling already. We greeted and hugged for less than a minute and he took me for some amazing breakfast. I gave him his gift which I’d been meaning to since a long time. It was a Ferrari deodorant & a hand-written card. His happiness shone through his eyes and that made me happy in return. Even though it was just 11AM we had some great pasta & coffee and left the place.

With a few hours in hand we planned to make the most of my time there. I was visiting Panaji, Goa after 9 whole years and it felt bloody awesome to be there all alone here with that one special guy. Both of us ended up going for “The Wolf of Wall Street” at Inox (Cinema Hall) and to mention Leonardo Caprio’s acting in that was highly top class. He really deserved an Oscar for that too! The movie went on for a good 2 and half hours and we headed to the nearest beach, Miramar.

TBH, I love beaches. I grew up in a place full of them (Dubai). I love the calm water, the serenity of the waves kissing my feet, walking on the wet sand, looking at the different types of shells and so on. It was already 4:30 by the time we reached that side of the beach. Nearby at a Café Shop, we went and ate some yummy Choco Hola (ice cream with a piece of hot chocolate cake and chocolate sauce). While relishing that, we spoke and laughed so much not realising the time. We proceeded to the beach finally and my heart was sinking walking by the ocean water. We could see couple of dogs running in the water, the beauty of the orange sun and a lot of couples walking by and I managed to find a beautiful shell as a tiny souvenir from Goa. Took pictures, wrote my name on the sand, walked on to one end of Miramar beach and as time passed, it was over. I’d have to leave him in a few hours and go back home. I didn’t know when we’d ever see each other again and the day had decided to end so soon. I silently walked beside him enjoying the quiet moment.

He & I took a rickshaw back to the bus stand and with around 20 minutes in hand I’d wanted to get some famous wine chocolates for my friends back home and also I was in desperate need of a phone charger as mine decided to die the previous night. We bought the things I needed nearby the bus station and walked to find out where my bus was. He called his cousin by then to pick him up and I’d found my bus back to hell. I was holding back my tears and trying not to choke on it as I hugged him a goodbye. He whispered “take care” as he left me to get inside my bus.

The minute I got inside, a tear droplet slid down my cheek. I turned back and saw him sit on the pillion and speed off with his cousin for the last time. Found my designated seat and I sat there covering myself with my bag and the tears came down like a waterfall. The depressing moment of going back home after a wonderful day spent with that someone special was so hard to absorb. The bus started moving within a few minutes and I had a lady passenger beside me whom I did not want to strike any conversation with. Thankfully she left me to peace.

I was in my own world then, kept my Blackberry on charge, messaged few friends including him that I was safe and my journey back home had started. I stared outside at the dark roads of Goa, recalling the last 5 hours I’d spent with him. I felt silly for a minute not believing the fact again that I’d come down here which is 13 hours by road from my place. This trip was unbelievable, one of my favourite adventures! Goa was beautiful indeed. It was called the Las Vegas of India and I was extremely proud of myself because of the way I handled the entire trip without falling in to any trouble.

It’s been 7 months and 5 days today since I saw him & I vividly remember as if it was just yesterday I made the abrupt Goa plan and ran across states to see someone. We’re still close friends now and those 7 months have been one hell of a turbulent ride with him but I’ll always cherish those 5 hours as I see my seashell sitting across me every day reminding me of what a great day I’d spent with someone I’d never met.

Lastly, the one thing I’ve learnt from this journey is that life is really short, so do whatever you were going to do anyway without a care in the world! Do what makes you happy, make mistakes, smile and follow your heart as you won’t get this time once again.