About Shreya

Hi! Shreya here. 20 complicated human being new to the world of Blogging. Love it so far. I really rant and honestly wish my readers enjoy/like what I write.


  • Born in 1994, India. Brought up in Dubai and settled back in India.
  • Currently pursuing an undergrad degree in Bachelors of Business Administration, India.
  • Interested in the field of Human Resource and Customer Relationship Management.
  • Love to listen to a lot of music and eat lots of food.
  • Sports loved: Cricket and still learning Football.
  • Occasional singer, swimmer and dancer.
  • Dig for the theme’s of Rom-Com, Drama, Romance Thrillers and a little bit of Horror.

3 thoughts on “About Shreya

  1. Hi Shreya, thank you for stopping by my blog
    Really looking forward to reading more from you
    Interesting fact: I am currently studying human resources at University, well its not that interesting but I get excited when I find a common interest with someone new.
    Have fun blogging 🙂

    • My pleasure 🙂
      And also thankyou for stopping by mien as well!
      Haha well, I feel I could connect to people that way so I’d be good at HR & well yes who doesn’t love similarities 😛
      Thank you & wish you the same 🙂

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