Humanity is lost.

With the FIFA World Cup almost coming to an end, let’s not forget about what is happening in Palestine. The Gaza Strip is under attack by merciless Israelis.

It’s really sad about whats happening in one part of the world whereas the other part celebrates FIFA. I’m not asking you to stop watching Football but also remember about the pain every Palestinian may be going through.




“The death toll in Gaza has risen to at least 79 as Israel continues its offensive in the strip and rocket fire from Palestinian militants shows no sign of slowing. Rockets were exploded above Tel Aviv by the Iron Dome defence system and missiles reached Jerusalem and other cities in Israel.

The strikes have come from air, sea and across the Israeli border but the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, said he believes Israel is only hours away from launching a ground invasion on Gaza today. At a meeting in Ramallah, the official Palestinian news agency quoted him saying the Israeli Government had already approved a land operation and its start was imminent.

Israeli leaders have hinted at a possible invasion by ground forces and some 20,000 army reservists have been mobilised, although no action has been confirmed. The last time ground troops crossed into the Strip, one of the world’s most densely populated territories, was in 2009, and the last major exchange of rockets and missiles was in October 2012.

While Israeli tanks reportedly fired shells east of Rafah, naval forces sent bombs into a security compound in Gaza City and aircraft bombed positions near the borders with Egypt and Israel. The Israeli military later confirmed fresh naval and air strikes were launched early. According to medical officials, at least 60 civilians, including a four-year-old girl and a boy of five killed on Thursday, are among the 79 Palestinians who have died since Operation Protective Edge began on Tuesday. Other victims include a Palestinian family of eight and football fans watching the World Cup at a beach café.

Friday is the fourth day of Israel’s offensive in Gaza, which officials said was in response to escalating rocket attacks by Hamas. It came after three kidnapped Israeli teenagers were found murdered. A 16-year-old Palestinian teenager, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, was burned alive in a suspected revenge attack by Jewish youths and protests and riots spread across East Jerusalem and Arab villages. Israeli authorities say more than 860 targets have been struck in Gaza, including militant commanders’ homes, but residents said some of the destroyed houses did not belong to fighters.”


This is what is happening. This is what Humanity has come to. As a human, as a person, thinking of no religion, PRAY to the God you believe in for at least a minute. It really might not help anyone there but the thought counts. Pray for a soul. Pray for humanity.

Thank you.


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