What is frustrating? The wait for a reply is frustrating. The patience to sit and anticipate what the other person would be writing to you is frustrating. But what if that never comes? What if your attempts were futile?

Every message you’d sent him after the end, went unread. There were reasons untold. Your brain did some excessive thinking. Tears dried up in the process of waiting. It’s dangerous to leave your mind wandering to random thoughts and the knowledge of them not caring is the worst knowledge of all.

In the process of waiting, you’re trying to keep yourself busy. Busy is what you should be. Keeping your mind in something else would help, but those memories still seem to seep in. You might think you’re waiting for a plane at the bus station but someday that bus will come and take you to your plane.

It can take long but it takes faith to stay on that road and if waiting means you’ll be able to be with that someone, you’d wait as long as forever.


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