There are so many things we attach to the people we love; songs, movies, things, people, actors, food and so much more. You can’t go through those things without thinking of that certain someone. When it’s all over you have the memories left. You see the same things every day and you’re gonna think of them. It’s painful and you choose to smile through that pain.

I attach a lot of things to my ex which I’d be naming for instance,

Beautiful & soulful tracks which I barely listen to any more, the great game of Football that he loves and which I still am courageously watching everyday (FIFA World Cup), an Indian mouthwatering delicacy called the “Chicken Biriyani” which I’ve kind of stopped eating nowadays, playing few games on the iPad cause they were all suggested by him (I’ve even deleted them), cuddling my one and only soft toy Teddy because I’d bought it for him and few movies like Don Jon, This is War, 2 States (Bollywood).

It’s almost a month since the breakup, a month of no response from the other end and a month of silence between us. It’s hard when someone special ignores you but harder pretending not to care. It’s difficult for me and so many others to look at things and be quite normal about it. Just like the rain falls because the cloud can no longer handle the weight, tears too fall because the heart can no longer handle the pain.

Someday they’ll realize the damage they’ve caused and the same day we’ll find the need to move on. There’ll be a day where we’ll relate these same things to new people and I hope I find my day soon.


2 thoughts on “Attachments

  1. Great quote. I usually love someone completely or not at all so I suffer from getting attached. It seems impossible to get over people but blogging’s always helped me get over situations. Hopefully it does the same for you. I’ve written a lot of posts relating to ex’s and moving on if you’re interested. Hopefully you can relate.

    • I fall in love hard, and I attach myself at all times. Yes, if you see my other posts, blogging has helped me immensely.
      I’ll be reading your blog soon & thankyou for your nice words! 🙂

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