Don’t all of wish to be independent? At least at one point in our lives, we strive to stand up on our own feet without the help of anyone, but you, yourself.

Being independent means being self-sufficient, being on your own and not needing someone or something to keep you going. Sometimes you wish to be alone, pondering on thoughts, alone listening to some music, go for a solitary walk along the neighbourhood or just sit and stare at the walls. Don’t you wish for isolated moments with yourself?

But then, don’t you also wish you had someone special to share your feelings with, someone to tell your inside jokes, a person to communicate with and so on? You like being on your own but not always. That feeling of getting something out of your system would happen only if you find someone to share those things with; instead you bottle up all of them within.

When you’re sitting idle and doing nothing, the mind usually tends to overthink any situation. I also say this because of experience. You begin to reminisce the past, you either smile about it or start wiping the corner of your eye. The mind can do strange things to you. You start from A and you end up at Z within minutes. You feel so consumed within yourself and internally you’re screaming to find someone to rant to.

That horrible need of not a friend but someone from the opposite sex you could talk to, convey your doubts to, express your opinions to, hits your brain or rather you entirely and you don’t have anyone. You’re simply deserted with your own thoughts. It’s also a strange coincidence when you tend to find all the couples when you are miserably single and you see all the sad loners when you’re happily dating. Browsing through Facebook makes it no better since you get to see all the fake friends on one single page, where nobody bothers, no one gives a damn, everyone’s busy with their lives. You’re back to square one.

This is when you find the reason to become independent with your feelings. Sharing them is not compulsory. Yes it is healthy to let go of emotions but there are many other ways to let go, than to have a companion alongside you. You don’t have to find a person or ‘the’ person to be your soul-mate. I’ve at least learned that by now. Letting go of emotions can be done by dancing your way through songs, singing on the top of your voice, scribbling on to A4 sheets and what not. You could also get a pet! They say the dog is a man’s best friend after all. Being independent is healthy. It gives you the strength to face the world outside your door. Dependency makes you weak and frail. No one deserves to be alone but when the time is right, there is a surety that the one person out of all the 8 billion people in this world will cross your way. God has a plan already built for you. He wants you to set out and explore on your own. On the way he may throw you obstacles but only to teach you to become the better person, the stronger person, the independent human.



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