Silent Treatment



I’m someone who won’t give up without an answer. I’m sure many of you wouldn’t too. A fight takes place, something strange happens, an unnatural occurrence; doesn’t it make you curious?

It sure as hell makes me want to get to the bottom of it.

Silent treatment is the worst one can experience from the opponent after a fight. What if the fight had an answer which you don’t know? What if there was an untold reason behind it?

You’d want to know right?

Take the situation of a guy and girl who were in a relationship through long distance and broke up later on. The guy stated irrational reasons and left the girl puzzled out of her senses.

All she had was his contact number, his Facebook ID and his WhatsApp.

He stayed countries away from her and all she could do is contact him through his number or some social media but he deleted his WhatsApp, deactivated Facebook and changed his contact number, the reason being? She didn’t know.

She didn’t have any clue. She made her friends call him, he didn’t answer. She called him later on, the number was unavailable. Crying out of her mind, she decided to give it time. How much time? She didn’t know.

The silent treatment she had faced from him was beyond her mind. She texted him every 2 days just to see he hadn’t replied. She carried that fake smile all around. Her search was futile and in vain.

He left her broken beyond repair and the last message he’d sent her was,

“Don’t change your number, I’ll call you and we’ll talk about this”

The only memory that now remains.


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