All Too Soon

Exactly what I’ve been through last week. Spoke my heart out in these few emotions. Loved it. ❤

The Fickle Heartbeat


I miss you.
I think it’s ridiculous how we ended up like this.

You needed time to think.
But if you were really into “us,” you wouldn’t have let us come this far, or at least into this pit of no-hope-of-ever-recovering.
And because you pushed off every one of my fingers, I had no other choice but to fall back.

I know it’s over and done with,
but I still remember how good we were together, how we had so much fun doing nothing and everything.

It puzzles me how you can act the same around me, and keep a straight face as though nothing happened between us.
Because honestly, I can’t sit next you without wondering if you’re looking at me with the same playful smile, or help myself drawing closer to you to see if you wore that cologne I love so much.

Now I get why you…

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