Sometimes I wish I didn’t think much


Sometimes I wish I didn’t think at all


Every damn memory, every small feeling


The constant picture of his face


Pinned to my heart and mind




From getting up to his voice every morning


To sleeping to his goodnight


Preparing my everyday schedule according to his


Complaining about my daily affairs, he’d gently listen


Always loved it when I‘d talk more


He begged to hear my voice




I’d stop all my activities just for him


For us to have some time


Distance made it hard


But the love was true


We could talk about anything


His curiosity for me was always adorable




All the late night Skype calls and voice notes


We could just start at anything


To talking about our friends to the food we ate, football, life and so on


Laughing till our stomach’s hurt


The crazy nonsensical conversations




The thought of him being far always killed


He’d tell me he’s within my heart at all times


I’d become a little miserable


The amount of doubts in my head


But everything was based on trust






Trust is a strong word


It could be easily crumpled


I had faith on him and God but


Infidelity could be around the corner


That isn’t an easy thought to kill




Honesty was appreciated


Rudeness wasn’t


The tiny fights we’d have


They’d always end before the day


We’d be sorry and apologise profusely


Realising that we’re better than this




All those promises of never leaving


All the agreements we had


Everything changed in a night


The frustration, the tears, the arguments


It was all heated up




The assumptions from the corner of my brain


Everything was crawling right back up


All that over thinking


What I never wanted to be true


Might have been the reason for this




He left, he dumped me


I never knew why


I tried to stop thinking


The reason was the maddest


But there was an untold truth




A week passed by


Things have been good and bad


I now look at the future


It surely holds something good


Something that would make me believe again


Something where I’d feel myself again



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