Long Distance Relationships

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Long Distance Relationships aren’t always ideal. In fact, they’re really tough. You spend countless of hours just talking through a phone or through a screen. You can’t see the person when you want to or when you most need them.. You can’t hug, you can’t hold hands, you can’t kiss. You lose the intimacy in a physical sense. But then, your relationship becomes based on each other and nothing else.

You learn to communicate, because a long-distance relationship without communication is nothing.
You learn to trust, because you can’t always see or know everything the person is doing.
You learn to sacrifice, because someone’s always going to lose a bit of sleep from the time difference.
And lastly, you learn to appreciate.

So often, we take for granted the people and relationships in our lives because we think they’ll always be there.
But When you only have a limited amount of time with a person, you learn to appreciate and cherish every single moment you have with them. When you finally see that person after weeks or months of seeing them only through a computer screen, it is one of the greatest feelings in the world.
When you’ve waited for something so long and you finally have it, you cherish it. The key to a long-distance relationship is faith. If both of you are not willing to give up, if both of you are willing to stand up and still try after every time one of you or both of you fall.

Distance isn’t for the fearful, it’s for the bold “.

It’s for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for the little time with the one they love. It’s for knowing a good thing when they see it, even if they don’t see it nearly enough.


His Past

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The Fickle Heartbeat


I think it’s very unattractive when people talk badly of their previous relationships or anyone they were involved with. Clearly, they liked the person for some reason, and they probably had their good times and bad. Now, breakups are never easy and usually messy, but that is no reason to bad mouth anyone, especially to the girl you’re trying to impress.

I’ve had a few instances where guys would try to earn pity points by telling me sob stories of how horrible their exes were.

Take “B” for example. We became friends at a friend’s party, and he had a girlfriend when I first met him. We got along well when we hung out with our friends, but he never brought out his girlfriend. He started messaging me often randomly and would rant about how unhappy he was in his relationship. At first, I was genuinely concerned, so I gave…

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The Perks of Having “You”

Only if I still had the person to say these to :’) Beautifully written!

The Fickle Heartbeat

Perks of Having You

1. I can have the shittiest day, and all I have to do is call you and hear your voice to calm me down.

2. Knowing that my presence and absence mean something to somebody.

3. It makes me happy to think that you’re in this relationship because I make you happy and because you want me to be happy too.

4. I can’t explain it word for word, but you just get me. I don’t have to say a million words; you just do.

5. At times when I feel so thankful to have you by my side, I think of ways to better myself in return of my thankfulness.

6. When I’m driving home late at night, and I’m falling asleep on the road, I have you to call on my speed dial.

7. When I have a fight with my mom/sister/friend/colleague/stranger, I could vent all I want…

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Monologues #2

Back again with another monologues from Grey’s Anatomy!

This is from Season 9, Episode 7.


“‎Can two people really be meant to be? M-F-E-O. Soul mates. It would be nice if it’s true, that we all have someone out there waiting for us, us waiting for them. I’m just not sure I believe it… Maybe I do believe it… All this meant to be stuff… Why not believe it? Really? Who doesn’t want more romance in their life? Maybe it’s just up to us to make it happen… to show up and be meant for each other. At least that way you will find out for sure if you’re meant to be or not.”




What is frustrating? The wait for a reply is frustrating. The patience to sit and anticipate what the other person would be writing to you is frustrating. But what if that never comes? What if your attempts were futile?

Every message you’d sent him after the end, went unread. There were reasons untold. Your brain did some excessive thinking. Tears dried up in the process of waiting. It’s dangerous to leave your mind wandering to random thoughts and the knowledge of them not caring is the worst knowledge of all.

In the process of waiting, you’re trying to keep yourself busy. Busy is what you should be. Keeping your mind in something else would help, but those memories still seem to seep in. You might think you’re waiting for a plane at the bus station but someday that bus will come and take you to your plane.

It can take long but it takes faith to stay on that road and if waiting means you’ll be able to be with that someone, you’d wait as long as forever.