Thinking Of You

Another one penned from 2011.

The feeling of being together kills me.

Cause it was a dream

Where I break free,

My emotions

Find their way.

Beyond basic happiness and joy.

I think I needed you.

You seemed to be around.


It was just but’s…

Those eyes,

That gazed into mine.

Time to time,

Those words,

That kept me going,

Were blades

In summer rain,


You were my shattered hopes

Which were never to repair.

It hurts to be so close,

And not yet know

How you felt.

Curiosity blinded me.

Excuses were made.

Just to know

What were those thoughts.

“Give up”,

Was all you said.

Tears were all I had.

The end was just there.

You couldn’t wait no more.

Feelings suppressed,

I held on to mine,

Again and again.

Feeling the pain.

Years down the line,


I never had to feel the same.



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