Does crying help? How does it?


Personally speaking, it does for me. I can easily let go of my emotions by crying it out to myself or to someone. Everyone might oppose to crying because of the famous line “Crying doesn’t help anyone”, but what if it does?


Crying can be for both happy and sad reasons. You might cry for a few minutes if you’re really happy or proud about something. You can cry for hours if you’ve lost someone or something. All the pent-up feelings you have inside yourself, how do you want to let that go? No one should keep them bottled up. It harms you. It makes one over think any situation. The best remedy is to remove those feelings completely. Have a clear mind. You should accept what has happened. You can’t undo the past. Even if you do, it wouldn’t be the same nor feel the same.


I honestly talk to myself out loud if I have to stop myself from crying. I stroll around my room telling myself to stop. I look up at the ceiling to hold back the tears running down my cheeks. They’re literally unstoppable and uncontrollable. Once you break down, it is hard to stop. Thus, I end up on my bed, face the sheets and weep it all out. How hard is it to stop those distant memories to flood back into your mind again? Especially when each and every thing you look at reminds you of them? You feel your minds playing games with you. Tricky games of reminding you of those days bygone. You’re just lost in your own world, your own bubble that broke.


The worst type of crying is when you don’t wanna make any noise so that someone doesn’t hear you and ask you anything. You cry silently, tears trickling down your face and you put your hands to your face and shut your mouth. Those miserable sobs; you feel dejected and gloomy. Well, gloomy is an understatement.


How can you call it love when you’re crying more than you’re smiling? What if you weren’t crying more than you were smiling? You were smiling and laughing after a long time. “Nothing lasts forever”. I don’t know whether that’s true but crying about not having a forever does give me and many others some unknown satisfaction. I rather leave that unknown, a mystery. 




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