This was something I’d penned years back in 2011.




Letting go of myself

Letting go of my heart

Constantly got chaotic returns

But it was always a fresh start

Going through mental pain

Going through the tears

It happens all the time

I now hardly fear

So many reasons

So many excuses

All at one go

It really amuses

I let you hurt me

I let ‘us’ hurt me

Burned a hole

So you could see

All that was left was trust

All that was left was hope

Every bit of it

I had to cope

Forever I’d be there

Forever I’d smile

Just for you

Though apart a thousand miles

I’ll never let go

I’ll never even show

All that I went through

Just for you

Wish I wouldn’t cry

Wish you’d try

To make it possible

To make ‘us’ possible

And as we belong

I’ll wait forever

As long as it takes

For you and I to be together


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